Product List

Plastic Production Line

We are a professional plastic production line manufacturer in China. Our company provides an extensive line of quality built products, including a PVC board production line, PVC foam furniture board extrusion machine, PVC profile extrusion line, twin screw plastic extruder, and more.

Other Products
    1. Twin Screw Plastic ExtruderThe SJSZ series twin screw plastic extruder is specialized equipment for the extrusion molding of a variety of PVC powder products. Using different molds and auxiliary ...
    1. Plastic Mix UnitThe SRL-Z series plastic mix unit is used for blending, coloring, and drying various resins, like polythene (PE), polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC); drying and dehydration before moulding of such engineering ...
    1. Plastic Powder FeederThe plastic powder feeder uses a high quality spring for conveying, providing easy operation and maintenance.
      The removable feed box is easy to detach, which enables users to clean up conveniently.
    1. Automatic Plastic FeederThe automatic plastic feeder is applied to automatic loading of powder materials in the extruder industry.
      The automatic plastic feeder uses a stainless steel spring, and has great durability and easy operation.