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PVC Profile Extrusion Machine

PVC Profile Extrusion Machine
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The YF series PVC profile extrusion machine is used for the extrusion of PVC profiles for doors and windows, PVC guardrails, PVC foaming door frame, and multi-hole conduits (4-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole, 9-hole options, etc.). Based on the specific profile section and mold design being used, a specific twin screw plastic extruder of the corresponding dimension, together with the vacuum shaping table, hauling machine, cutting machine, stacker and other auxiliary equipment, is used for the PVC profile extrusion line.

Features of the PVC Profile Extrusion Machine
1. The cylinder of the PVC profile extrusion machine utilizes a cast aluminum heating coil and wind cooling system to provide fast, uniform heat transmission.
2. Different screws are used for different formulas, to ensure good plasticizing effects.
3. The reduction gearbox and distribution box use Wafangdian bearings and imported oil seals, and the gearwheels are made of quality alloy steel and have been treated with nitrogen.
4. The specially designed reduction box and distribution box offer reinforced thrust bearings, high driving torque, and long life.
5. The vacuum shaping table uses a powerful eddy-current cooling system to achieve good cooling and shaping effect. The special horizontal tilt control and three-dimensional control system facilitate easy operation.
6. The hauling machine makes uses unique lifting technology and back pressure control of the upper and lower tracks to provide stable operation, high reliability and good traction. The cutter is capable of automatic fixed-length cutting and comes with a dust collection device.
7. The PVC profile extrusion machine uses quality components which guarantee continuous, long-time running and reliability.

Parameters of the PVC Profile Extrusion Machine

Model YF-200 YF-240 YF-750
Max. Product Width (mm) 200 240 800
Length of Vacuum Shaping Table (mm) 2800 4000 6000 5000
Hauling Speed (m/min) 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.3~3
Cutting Saw Diameter (mm) 400 400 250
Total Power (kw ) 11 25 30 33
Length of the Extrusion Line (m) 15 22 25 15
Width of the Extrusion Line (mm) 1000 1050 2250

Senjie is a major PVC profile extrusion machine manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including a twin screw plastic extruder, PVC board extrusion machine, PVC window board extrusion line, PVC foaming hard surface sheet extrusion machine, and more.

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